“I started working with Eva during one of the most difficult moments of my life. We had all our sessions online and she always created a safe environment, where I felt safe to talk. She was very patient, kind and gave me so many tools to help me overcome my problems. Even now, months after our sessions, I still used the techniques learned from her. She was very accommodating when it came to booking the sessions. I would definitely recommend her as she is an amazing therapist.”


“I was going through a tough time and decided that I needed to talk to someone about it. Eva was very easy to talk to and was always honest with me about my progress. Therapy can be really hard work and she made it that bit easier. I would definitely go back to talk to her if I needed some help again.”

Former client

“I had a great experience with Eva as my psychologist. Her warm and friendly approach made me feel comfortable right from the start, and I can’t thank her enough for that.

Eva’s insightful guidance and understanding really helped me gain new perspectives and navigate through some tough times. I appreciate your approach, expertise and the way you tailored your advice to suit my concerns in my journey. It’s like you have a superpower for understanding people!

I can confidently recommend Eva to anyone in need of a compassionate ear and professional support!”


“When I started our sessions in late 2022 I had really in mind one thing, which was to talk about the way in which my old relationship had ended and the impact it had and was still having on my life. I didn’t know how therapy would work or if it would work, particularly given so much time had past between therapy and the events I wanted to talk about. I was quite surprised during my first session when I got a little choked up even after that amount of time, just telling you what had happened.

By talking through what happened and how I felt about it you helped me process thoughts and feelings that had been unproductively bothering and distracting me for a few years. What I found particularly helpful: your empathy; non-judgmental nature; ability to listen and challenge me to vocalise how I was feeling: “and how does that make you feel”, I can still hear you say now when I am in the habit of trying to distinguish facts from feelings and to examine my reaction to events. That really pushed me to sit with my thoughts and interrogate them more than I am used to, and which I am quite naturally poor at. I also really liked that you really listened attentively, you summarised back to me to ensure you fully understood and used that as a way to get more detail or prompt me to continue.

We covered more than I had anticipated and I am happy to have taken many of the habits you taught with me. I’m still doing yoga, too, which I find keeps me practising my breathing, helps me switch off and calm my thoughts. So thank you so much again.”

Former client

“Working with Eva for over the past year had a measurable positive impact on my mental health and well-being. She has provided me with significant support in establishing healthy behaviours and patterns around anxiety and positive thinking. From day one, Eva created a warm and welcoming space where I felt safe to open up about my challenges. This was especially important as part of the LGBTQ community, to feel seen and heard without judgement. Her compassion and empathy are evident and something that I valued highly during our sessions.

What sets Eva apart is her ability to offer practical strategies and tools that have helped me develop healthier behaviours and patterns. Rather than generic advice, I felt that Eva has guided me in identifying my triggers, recognizing negative thought patterns, and developing coping mechanisms to challenge and overcome them.

One aspect I particularly appreciate about Eva is her emphasis on mindfulness and positive thinking. She has taught me how to reframe my mindset while also helping me to practice self-compassion and mindfulness in a way that is applicable to my day to day.”